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Drag and Drop

拖放式 拖放构建

  • 拖放构建
  • 自定义布局
  • 实时编辑
  • 现场编辑
  • 定制模块
  • 移动优化

线上销售 现在就开始!

  • 轻松上传产品
  • 支持各种支付方式
  • 自定义字段
  • 订单管理
  • 支持发票功能
  • 客户管理
Online Store
Drag and Drop

强大的管理 面板。用户友好界面。

  • 实时统计
  • 网站设定
  • 模块经理
  • 内容管理
  • API整合
  • 用户管理







顾客 评论



"I started out without any idea of building a website. I don't even have any Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account. After spending less than an hour a day, within a week, I was able to design my own website ( Tronserve DIY website, is easy and user friendly. As a person who do not know anything about computer, I am glad that I managed to build my own website."

- Simon Kang

“Amazing blogging, strong SEO features, and super easy yet full control for a non-tech to maintain and update instantly “

- T K Khai


"Love it! As a wedding photographer, having a website to showcase my artwork is impactful on my business. I do not have any experience in designing a website, but with the help of all the template and modules provided, it really helps me to customize my website according to my own creative style!"

- Dondyaul a.k.a Irffan

Website ini banyak membantu Syarikat kami Misz Tart Resources dalam memastikan kelangsungan penjualan produk. Traffic pelayar meningkat impak Pandemik Covid di mana ianya telah memudahkan rata-rata peminat dan penggemar Tart Nanas Premium untuk menempah produk kami.

- Misz Tart

"All this while I have been using the company's website to do my sales and due to that, I have lost 40% of my targeted customers.

Now with my very own personal website , I can publish everything about my products and the information for everyone to see ! I am no longer worried of losing my customers.

- Taufiq, AIA agent

“The Power Portal Platform is the best platform I have used for the company. The website builder feature is the highlight. I find it extremely convenient and user-friendly. Not to mention the affordable price point of the product, considering the many usages that the platform offers. “

- Fajran, Fictron

"Yes...all is good..your staff Khai has been great help"

- PHA Handwriting Analysis Sdn Bhd

"Saya sangat gembira bila menggunakan Tronserve Power platform kerana ia membantu saya untuk dalam mengukuhkan lagi business online dan offline saya. Selain itu, ia juga membantu saya untuk meningkatkan taraf potensi business saya didalam industri ini. Ia sangat memudahkan urusan saya dalam business dan menyakinkan lagi potensi business saya dalam menggunakan power platform Tronseve. Terima Kasih Tronserve.""

- Rina Rahimm, Dapur Anak Cikgu

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