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Link and Share

Be in control, Keep in Control. A self-hosted productivity platform

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Tronserve's Link and Share is a complete in-house solution, designed for individuals and businesses to freely create and collaborate without worrying about your data security

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Why Choose LISA

Be prepared for a new generation of users who expect seamless online collaboration capabilities more avant-garde


Protect, control and monitor data and communication across your company. Guarantee compliance with business and legal requirements. Keep your data on servers you own, at all times. Nothing leaks, not even metadata.


Enable productivity across any platform, whether in the office or on the road, to share, collaborate and communicate across organizational boundaries. Nextcloud provides transparent access to data on any storage.


Enjoy constant improvements from a thriving and transparent, entirely open-source community development model, free of lockins or paywalls. Enjoy the benefits of enterprise support when you need it.

Benefits of using LISA

Done More

Clean interface, clean communication

Travel Cost Decrease

Meet as often as you need

Build better relationships

Working together in real time

Stay in control

End-to-end encrypted calls on your own server

Be mobile

Mobile clients & browser support

Stay Connected

Bridge with other servers and chat networks

Designed for privacy

LISA is a fully self hosted, on-premises audio/video and chat communication service. It features web and mobile apps and is designed to offer the highest degree of security while being easy to use.

LISA lowers the barrier for communication and lets your team connect any time, any where, on any device, with each other, customers or partners.

LISA status indicators show when a message is sent and received - for more privacy, users can disable this on their side.

The optional LISA High Performance Backend enables enterprise class scalability, reliability and features.

Private, group and public calls

Talk makes it easy to call customers and partners in one-to-one or group-scenarios.

Users can invite external chat participants with an URL into public rooms on the Nextcloud server.

The chat, which remains open even when the user leaves a call, enables participants to easily exchange messages, links and notes.

Configurable visibility on chats allows team members and/or guests to find and join open chat rooms.