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Grow Your Business
Through Digital Transformation

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Facebook Ads

Get Leads Instead of Get Likes

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Google Ads

Drive Quality Traffic to Leads

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We Boost Performance, Not Just Rankings

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Youtube Ads

Expand Your Digital Reach

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Shopping Ads

Showcase Your Products In Search

Facebook Ads

  • Brand Awareness
  • Reach
  • Increase Conversions
  • Catalogue Sales
  • Page Likes / Post Engagement
  • Traffic to Website
    • Lead Generation
    • Video Views
    • App Installed
    • Messages

Find the Perfect Plan for Your Business

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Engage New Customers
Don't Get Left Behind Your Competitors

Facebook has a massive reach and receives 1 billion users daily. Don't miss this huge opportunity to advertise with one of thebest advertising platform for your business.

Boost Retail Store Sales

Start increasing your offline store sales by promoting it via Facebook ads.

Generate Quality Leads

Find your target audience and tell them more about your business.

Grow Your Online Sales

Attract new customers and retain them by developing good relationship with them.

Promote your Mobile App

Ensure your app is advertised to the right audience and keep them engaged.

Promote a New Product

Create buzz and excitement around a new product or service.

Share your Videos

Start advertising your videos to the right people who will convert faster.

Google Ads

Track and Measure your Campaign Data

You can track, measure and monitor theperformance of your ads with statisticsand easy-to-read graphs.

Gain Insights with Latest Market Trends

Be on top of the competition by having access to the latest market demands and know what are the highest search queries.

High Quality Leads with Great Results

High advertisement position with Google Ads. More people will see your ads, more ad clicks and higher conversion rate.


Strategy & Planning
Objective & Goal Settings
Website / Landing Page
Analysis & Consultation
Keywords / Audience Research
Ads Write-up & Ads Extensions Setup
Performance Report
Weekly Campaign Report
Monthly Campaign Report
Report Format (in PDF)
Ads Campaign Management
Campaign Targeting Setup
(Geo Targerting, Audience Targeting, Detailed Targeting, Ads Placement Targeting)
Keywords & Ads Groups Setup Management
Budget & Bid Management
Keyword Management
Ads Targeting
Customer Report
Email / Phone Support
Performance Review

Search Engine Optimization

27.43 Million Internet Users
in Malaysia

39.99 Million Mobile Connections
in Malaysia

86% of the Malaysian population are
Active Social Media Users

28 Million Social Media
Users in Malaysia


Website On-Page Analysis
Full Website Technical Audits
Off-Page Optimization Work
Links Audit & Analysis
Links Building
Planning and Strategy
Requirement & Targeting Consultation
Keywords Research & Analysis
Competitors Analysis (One-time)
Performance Analysis
Performance Review / Progress Updates
Monthly Performance Report
On-Page Optimization Work
Content Copywriting
Website Content Optimization
Meta Title & Description Optimization
Image Optimization
URL Structure Optimization
Robots.txt Optimization



You only pay when your video is played for more than 30 seconds

Trackable and Measurable

You are able to track andmeasure the performance andeffectiveness of your vide ads. Compare the costsand results that you aregetting to know howyou are performing

Higher Reach

55% of internet userswatches online videosevery day. Use video ads tocapture your target audiences'attention of your productsand services

Precision Targeting

Target the right audienceat the right time withPlacement Targeting. You canchoose who gets to seeyour video advertisements.


Display Ads

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Skippable Video Ads

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Overlay Ads

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Non-Skippable Video Ads

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Sponsored Cards

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Bumper Ads

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Shopping Ads

Quality Leads

You are able to give more detailed informatio nof your products on Shopping Ads. Customers that are fully informed of the products are more likely to complete transactions.

Broader Presence

With Shopping Ads, you can advertise on the Shopping Ad or text format. This helps to increase your chances of being noticed.

Retail-Centric Campaign

Shopping Ads match your product's features to the queries where as other advertising methods matches keywords to queries.

Effective Reporting and Data Analysis

See how well the performance of your products are doing and then compare it with your competitors.


Product Shopping Ads

This ad allows to advertise your products individually including the title, image, price and store or business name.

Showcase Shopping Ads

This ad allows to advertise your products based on groups or categories.

Local Catalog Ads

This ad displays your products to local audiences and drive traffic to your local stores.